From Wonderful Wisdom to Chaotic Contradiction

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This is one post that I have been looking forward to writing and sadly it will not satisfy as I had wished it would. After much blowback, an interview between Abdu Murray, Sean McDowell and Elton John (sorry, I mean Josh McDowell) has been removed from YouTube — by the McDowells. Between Josh McDowell’s arrogance and filthy-minded discussion, I’m not surprised that the interview received blowback. Nevertheless, I had hoped I’d have the video still so that the points I discuss can be verified.

Although I can write lots on Josh McDowell, who thought it appropriate to dress like Elton John and sip from a large McDonald’s soft drink during a serious discussion, I genuinely do not see the point in granting such a man that respect. Anyone who has read any of Josh McDowell’s books will have realised that any good argument he makes he steals from Ravi Zacharias’ books and sermons. It is no real wonder why he wanted Ravi’s books burnt and removed completely from all bookstores — going so far as to, by his own admission, call Christian bookstores all over the US reprimanding them on keeping even if just one of Zacharias’ books.

I digress. The person I would like to address this letter to is Abdu Murray.

Dear Abdu Murray,

How did you go so wrong in so little time?

You were baited and you took the bait. I would like to challenge you on the accusations you made against Ravi Zacharias.

Willful Ignorance or Deliberate Lies?

During the conversation you had with the two McDowells, you made the claim that RZIM only allowed speakers a certain number of days of travel per year for speaking arrangements. I could be mistaken, but I believe it was a maximum of 200 days of travel per year away from the state you reside in. You then said that Ravi Zacharias travelled more than that.

That may very well be true but I have a few questions:

  1. Who made the arrangements? Did speakers ever make their own arrangements or was RZIM responsible for bookings?
  2. Those 200 days of travel, did that apply to everyone or only anyone who wasn’t Ravi Zacharias?
  3. Did anyone come close to reaching the 200 days every year or was Ravi Zacharias the main one that everyone in the world wanted to hear speak?
  4. Why is it that when Ravi Zacharias told RZIM that he could not travel anymore—that he wanted to spend more time with his family, that the pain in his back is becoming severe—did RZIM insist that he keep going?

You may be absolutely right that Ravi Zacharias travelled more than the allowable quota per year but you point the finger at him as though he had much say in the process. Is that just willful ignorance or are you deliberately lying about the arrangements?

Red Flag?

Another claim you make during the conversation against Ravi Zacharias is that the main red flag you saw in his life was that he wrote about many subjects but he never wrote a book about sexual immorality.

I’m sure you know what I’m going to ask next: how many books have you written on the topic?

This may be shocking news to you but Ravi Zacharias also never wrote a book concerning murder and, as of yet, no one has accused him of that.

If this is what you saw as a red flag, I would insist that a team of investigators pry through every private area in your life because if, in your opinion, not writing a book about sexual immorality is proof that a person has been sexually immoral, I can only assume that you have been sexually immoral and that is why you haven’t written a book regarding that subject.

As you well know, Ravi Zacharias wrote on the subject of Christian Apologetics. He did not write about specific topics but discussed various topics that supported his ministry in Christian Apologetics. Had Ravi Zacharias written 8 books on the different commandments that God gave Moses and kept out two books concerning coveting a neighbour’s wife and committing adultery, I would say you that there is ground to your accusation. Nevertheless, your “red flag” should have been a white one and you should have walked out of that lame excuse for an “interview”.

Hypocrisy and Filth

After speaking extremely inappropriately about Ravi’s intimate life with his wife, a topic that is absolutely no one’s business, you later decided to seal your argument with a beautiful quote—please note the sarcasm.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.”

This was the quote you shared. Then you said, “Mahatma Ghandi said that”. The hypocrisy in this comment would have been laughable if it weren’t so filthy.

Mahatma Ghandi was a pedophile who slept naked with underaged girls, including his own grandnieces. While married, he also slept naked with many naked women, the majority against their free will, including his female personal doctor. He hated his wife so much and refused her penicillin when she had pneumonia, finally succumbing to her illness and dying in 1944.

That’s the man you quoted. It is that man’s words you thought were appropriate to use after speaking against sexual immorality.

It is shocking to me that a man with your wisdom was able to fall so quickly and so hard because he was coaxed by an organisation that had grown evil and enticed by a filthy-minded man to a YouTube interview.

You did not tarnish Ravi’s robe but you drowned yours in mud.

There is still room for repentance. I pray you see the need to publicly apologise as you saw the need to publicly speak ill of someone who looked after you and cared for you as you yourself have said in the past.

– Your brother in Christ.


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